Fillmore Brand 2023
Rebrand of a private equity real estate firm Fillmore Capital Partners LLC, after 1-to-1 interviews and workshops with teams and leadership.
Brand • Colors • Fonts • Icons • Video • Mission • Graphic Design
Teamwork • Hands-On
Directly Brand 2019
Rebranding is sometimes the best way to signal (both internally and externally) a pivot, a new audience, a new product, or a new approach.
Brand • Illustration • Naming • Graphic Design • Tagline
Teamwork • Hands-On
Clover Kiosk 2021
Hackathon proposal to introduce a new form factor into the existing Clover device ecosystem.
Illustration • Industrial Design • Illustration • UX/UI • Creative Direction • 3D • Presentation
Teamwork • Hands-On
Clover Go Packaging 2020
New retail-friendly packaging for the Clover Go, designed in collaboration with Marketing and Hardware leadership, as well as the packaging engineers of Uneka.
Packaging • Brand • Logo • 3D • Prototyping • Graphic Design
Teamwork • Hands-On
Clover Brand 2022
Brand refresh of Clover using the concept of "growth" inherent in the leaf venation from the existing clover leaf archetype.
Brand • Colors • Fonts • Icons • Photography • Motion • Illustration • Graphic Design
Directly Web 2019
When building a narrative for a customer support solution using Artificial Intelligence aided by crowdsourced experts... What better way than using user-generated content?
Web • Photography • Content • Graphic Design • Creative Direction
Teamwork • Hands-On
Directly Brand 2018
Branding a company does not start with a logo… it starts with defining its personality, values, and differentiation. This AI-Crowdsourcing solution needed a legible narrative.
Brand • Illustration • Naming • Graphic Design • Tagline • Photography • UI
Teamwork • Hands-On
Green Music Center Logo 2018
New logo for the prestigious Sonoma county cultural institution known as Green Music Center.
Logo • Presentation • Narrative
Teamwork • Hands-On
Salesforce App Icons 2017
Establishing a scalable brand architecture for all Salesforce Apps.
Brand • Icon Design • Creative Direction
Teamwork • Hands-On
Salesforce Empty States 2017
A recognizable, scalable, and branded new visual vocabulary. This required an exhaustive design system to unify all illustrations in all products, and in all mediums.
Brand • Icons • Motion • Illustration • Graphic Design • Design System
Salesforce Internal Branding 2017
Salesforce was in need of a scalable, organized, and robust sub-branding guidelines for internal teams, events, and other initiatives.
Brand • Guidelines • Logo • Presentation • Creative Direction
Groupon Merchant Site 2016
Redesign of all Groupon merchant-facing online initiatives.
Art Direction • Web Design • Photography
Groupon Merchant Design System 2016
Design repository of UX patterns, UI assets, visual style, voice & tone, and component code library, for the entire offerings of Groupon Merchant.
Teamwork • Hands-On
Groupon Merchant Brand 2015
Brand Experience of all Groupon merchant-facing initiatives.
Brand • Logo • Naming • Graphic Design • Motion Graphics • Tagline
Teamwork • Hands-On
Breadcrumb Slice II 2015
Point of sale for Restaurants. Software + Hardware + Branding + Communication.
Brand • Naming • Industrial Design • 3D • Interaction • UI • UX • Photography • Creative Direction
Teamwork • Hands-On
G.nome Web 2014
Messaging the benefits of G.nome in the merchant/shopper interaction.
Brand • Logo • Illustration • Web Design • Communication • Creative Direction • 3D
Teamwork • Hands-On
G.nome by Groupon 2014
A 360º solution for SME: POS, deal redemption, business & customer insights.
Brand • Logo • Naming • Industrial Design • 3D • Interaction Design
Teamwork • Hands-On
Learning User Interface Patent 2013
Lui: Insightful, aware & adaptive Point of Sale interface.
Interaction Design • Product Design • Messaging • Brand • Logo
Teamwork • Hands-On
Groupon Breadcrumb Site 2013
Site & content development for the launch of Breadcrumb POS' merchant micro-verticals.
Creative Direction • Photography • Web Design
Airbnb Proposal 2013
Pay for your vacation... with your guests' own vacation!
Marketing • Illustration • Storyboarding • Narrative • Creative Direction
Teamwork • Hands-On
StumbleUpon Brand Experience 2012
Reconnecting with millennials and increasing their onboarding and engagement.
Brand • Messaging • Graphic Design • Proposal
Teamwork • Hands-On
Gyre Brand 2012
Case study of our brand naming and logo development process.
Brand • Logo • Naming • Animation • Graphic Design • 3D
Teamwork • Hands-On
µTorrent Brand Experience 2010
Freshening-up µTorrent: Logo, website, marketing campaigns & multi-platform product user interface & interaction.
Brand • Logo • Graphic Design • Web Design
Teamwork • Hands-On
Lithium Benchmark Reports 2009
Lithium needed to communicate the power behind their communities' interaction. We came up with data visualizations and concept complexity distilled into easy-to-understand weekly reports.
Graphic Design • Information Architecture • Data Visualization
Teamwork • Hands-On
Lithium Community 2009
Lithium Support Forum UI refreshed design, and new Community Health Analytics tool.
Teamwork • Hands-On
Information Architecture • Interaction Design • UI/UX • Data Visualization
Lithium Lithosphere 2009
Lithium needed to showcase the flexibility of its flagship product's customization. Lithosphere was the answer.
Teamwork • Hands-On
Interaction Design • Product Design • UI/UX • Logo • Iconography • Illustration
Lithium Avatars 2009
Adding personality and recognizable signature to Lithium-Powered communities.
Icon Design • Illustration • Creative Direction
Teamwork • Hands-On
Lithium Brand Experience 2009
Upgrading Lithium Technologies' brand, Inc. without risking established long-time clients.
Teamwork • Hands-On
Brand • Web Design • Graphic Design • Creative Direction
Faz Magazine 2008
Creative direction & graphic design for this premiere User Experience magazine in Latin America.
Creative Direction • Editorial Design • Graphic Design
Teamwork • Hands-On Personas 2008
Partnering with Ask Analytics Team to create a series of easily digested info-graphics on the different profiles of our targeted audience.
Teamwork • Hands-On
Graphic Design • Research
Windows Live Design System 2006
User experience framework & architecture for the entire network of Windows Live products and services
Information Architecture • UI • UX • Web Design
Teamwork • Hands-On
MiTV Brand Experience 2003
Product planning, design, interface, interaction & architecture for a French interactive TV set-top box.
Brand • Logo • Information Architecture • Product Design • UI • UX
Teamwork • Hands-On
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