130 professionals agree that you should work with me
"David is an all-in, talented creative leader. More importantly, he is a champion for customers and a passionate advocate for building great brands the right way: no shortcuts and no customers left behind."
Rich Williams
CEO, Groupon
April 25, 2016, Rich managed David indirectly at Groupon
"David has been a great asset to Ask.com. By contributing his deep experience in the UX discipline, he helped me and other leaders at Ask conceptualize and drive key products to completion while navigating through all manner of dependencies and complexities.
He also built a legacy of talented designers, UX processes, and standards of quality that will benefit us long into the future.
Recently, David was key in the re-imagination of Dictionary.com, leading a creative team that gave shape to, evangelized, and ultimately executed my vision of a completely new user experience.
I would count on David's expertise anytime, anywhere."
Doug Leeds
CEO, IAC Publishing
September 4, 2008, Doug managed David indirectly at Ask.com
"David was excellent at Ask.com. He built a tremendous creative team that continues to deliver. I am very thankful to him for the work he did for us."
Jim Safka
CEO, Ask.com
January 2, 2009, Jim managed David indirectly at Ask.com
"David is a passionate and driven Creative Director. He has the rare and valuable ability to simplify complex business problems through great design. His energy is infectious and his work ethic is inspiring. I look forward to the day we get to work together again."
Rudd Davis
CEO, Breadcrumb Point of Sale
April 25, 2016, Rudd managed David indirectly at Groupon
"David is one of the most amazing UX designer and leader I've had the privilege of working with. He's a rockstar, but yet humble and great to work with at the same time. Look forward to the opportunity to work with David again in the future."
Lyle Fong
CEO & Co-Founder, Lithium
March 1, 2010, Lyle managed David indirectly at Lithium Technologies
"David is perhaps the most inspired and customer-obsessed creative leader I have had the fortune to work with. He is the perfect complement to any entrepreneurial business leader, senior product developer, or guru engineer unwilling to live by status quo and or to compromise form for function. I would recommend David without hesitation to anyone looking to make *change* happen." 
Kartik Ramachandran
CEO, Xome
May 9, 2015, Kartik managed David at Groupon
"David made a lasting contribution to the company and team in a very short time period. This ranged from design, messaging, internal and external branding. Part of David's contribution was building and managing a team in order to execute on multiple project on a tight deadline.

I hope to work with him again in the future"

Mark Bartels
CEO, StumbleUpon
January 18, 2013, Mark managed David indirectly at StumbleUpon
"David is one of the most blazingly talented people I've ever worked with, and if his talent were all he had to offer, it would be quite enough. But David combines his design talent with a passion for new ideas and technologies, an infectious positive energy, a keen intellect, a love of mentorship, and a drive to get things done. This combination makes him a great person to work with at the conceptual stage, but also someone who can prosecute designs to the finest level of detail.

Some of my fondest moments at Lithium were spent working with David in pen and ink, as he breathed life into my most embryonic product ideas. I once saw him do this with a room full of customers firing off suggestions all at once. People literally gasped at the results. It was a bravura performance.

I hope I’ll be able to work with David again. It has always been a privilege."
Philip Soffer
CEO, Test.io
March 24, 2010, Philip managed David at Lithium Technologies
"David was a key hire for the company as we set about establishing and growing an entirely new discipline on the team . He was dynamic, energetic, and able to bring product development into a world where design and ux are integral parts of the process. He personally led the charge, motivated by the challenge and was instrumental in our overall success."
Eric Klinker
CEO & President, BitTorrent
May 3, 2012, Eric managed David at BitTorrent
"David is an immensely talented leader and UX designer. While I worked with David, he was able to transform how we visualized our brand and our products. He has a rare ability to create and envision the future, while also dealing with the practical aspects of development. He's an asset to his team."
Sanjay Dholakia
CEO, Crowd Factory (Acquired by Marketo)
September 29, 2010, Sanjay managed David at Lithium Technologies
"I had the chance to work in ideation projects with David and I was surprised by his capacity for leadership and singular mix of design, technology and innovation. David is that kind of creative that is hard to find, able to take an innovative idea to production without losing its essence."
Cesar DOnofrio
CEO, Making Sense
May 20, 2016, Cesar was with another company when working with David at Groupon
"Dahveed is a brilliant designer and mentor with the experience to funnel it to building a team, inspiring user experience design, and most of all, supporting business priorities. I have personally found his mentorship to be invaluable, and have been challenged by his advocacy for innovation and cross-company collaboration. Dahveed is the best you can find and his passion for design is simply contagious."
Conrad Chu
Co-Founder & CTO, Munchery
September 5, 2008, Conrad reported to David at Ask.com
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend David; I had the opportunity to work with David while he was the UX Manager at Ask.com. An excellent leader and mentor, David grew the UX team from a group of 3 designers suffering from high attrition to a cohesive group of 12 designers - possibly the most motivated group in the company. On the creative side, David's ideas were always fresh and out of the box - but he's also receptive to and open for feedback. David brings diverse experience and unique talent, that made a real differernce in each one of the projects we collaborated on. Whether it's a product architecture map, hand made sketch or high resolution mock, David always delivered on time with the highest results. As a manager, David has a unique ability to recruit talent and to then train and motivate designers."
Eze Vidra
General Partner, Google Ventures Europe
September 10, 2008, Eze worked with David at Ask.com
"I had the opportunity to collaborate with David on a high-visibility, high-impact visual identity project which touched hundreds of employees (and in turn, millions of customers) at Microsoft. Working with him was a pleasure and a learning experience due to his deep expertise, natural ease, inclusive style, and infectious passion. He’s an asset to any organization he decides to join because once he’s committed, his focus and drive are second to none."
Aya Zook
Principal, Microsoft Ventures
February 20, 2013, Aya worked with David at Microsoft Corporation
"Help from Gómez-Rosado represents the difference between getting skepticism or enthusiasm by our own clients. He has allowed us to communicate our business plan with confidence."
David Gutiérrez Oliver
CEO, Emobla Desarrollos S.L.
"David is an outstanding design leader. He has unbridled passion for design in all its forms, and possesses the skills needed to create highly innovative products. He is a strong team builder, quickly nurturing and motivating people with an energetic style. His wide range of experience with blue chip brands and products including Nike, Microsoft and Ask.com give him a unique perspective on how design can drive business goals in organizations. David inspires people across many different disciplines, and is a pleasure to work with."
Daniel Read
Chief Product Officer, Just Eat
September 20, 2008, Daniel managed David at Ask.com
"David is a clear example of how a talented professional can bring a positive disruption to an organization of any size, from early-stage startup to a big corporation. Thanks to his creative spirit, leadership and love for innovation, he leaves his legacy wherever he goes. David is not just an extraordinary professional, but he’s a great guy who never loses his positive attitude and will to create."
Ignacio Caldentey
Chief Product Officer, Making Sense
May 20, 2016, Ignacio was with another company when working with David at Groupon
"David is incredibly creative, cares deeply about the customer and will stop at nothing to create the right user experience for them. David considers every detail from the photographic style, the copy, the typography to the animation and transitions. He is an excellent storyteller and embraces challenges and projects with great enthusiasm and passion."

Elissa Darnell
VP of Design, Groupon
April 7, 2016, Elissa managed David at Groupon
"David is an inspiring design leader who brings his infectious passion, keen eye for detail, and love of craft to every effort, big and small. He's an empathetic manager and a natural team-builder, whose reports at Clover deeply valued his guidance and mentorship, and frequently referred to his team as a family. I'd recommend David to any organization looking for a creative spark who can infuse their design team with camaraderie and joy."
Jay Harlow
VP of Design, Clover Network, Inc.
November 1, 2022, Jay managed David directly​​​​​​​
"David was an invaluable contributor to the "feel" of Breadcrumb--from our brand, to the flows and colors in the app, to the sleekness of our custom hardware with the orange pop. He knows the two or three most important aspects of a customer's engagement with a product/brand, and ensures that the team perfectly executes against those items. DGR is one of the best in the biz for creative direction!"
Seth Harris
VP of Point of Sale & Payments Product, Groupon
April 20, 2016, Seth managed David indirectly at Groupon
"David was a key leader in the design of the Groupon Merchant tablet. He has incredible passion and creative depth. He's able to provide an out-of-the box approach which allows teams to break out of the mold. I appreciated his hands-on approach to design as well as his skills in leading the team. He was a great partner and asset to our product organization." 
Varun Krishna
VP of Product TurboTax, Intuit
April 24, 2015, Varun worked with David at Groupon
"David is an incredible creative asset to our organization. His passion for design coupled with his knowledge and experience in creative principles, market trends and product history make him a comprehensive expert in engaging and delighting customers. He is also a tremendous team player, and I had the distinct pleasure of working with him on several hardware design projects. He has my most enthusiastic recommendation!"
Kerry Davis
VP of Operations, StoreHub
September 4, 2015, Kerry worked with David at Groupon
"David is a born leader. Intensely curious, deeply thoughtful and
fanatically driven, he has the rare ability to infect others with his
passion and his boundless enthusiasm for design. Great work is always
the result of falling under his watchful eye. I had the opportunity to
work with David as a client of Frog Design, he impressed me deeply
with his success at pushing through dramatic, large-scale change at an
organization not known for it: Microsoft. He is a keen thinker always
ready to challenge any assumption but also is an optimistic and
positive person who nurtures the best in others with care and
Phillip Bensaid
VP of Product, Ask.fm
January 6, 2010, Phillip was a consultant or contractor to David at Microsoft Corporation
"I can highly recommend David. I worked with him in cross functional groups at Ask.com and he was able to listen to our marketing requests and have his team develop great design that was both functional and beautiful."
Sean X
VP of Acquisition Marketing, Nav Inc.
January 18, 2010, Sean worked with David at Ask.com
"David (pronounced 'day VEED') is one of the most inventive and dynamic individuals I've ever encountered. He moves fluidly from inspirational leader to deeply hands-on contributor as appropriate. David is a ball of creative energy who excites and inspires everyone who works with him. All of this is reflected in the spectacular results of his work. On top of this he's lots of fun just to hang out with. I delighted in the opportunity to work with David, and would love to again."
James Chase
VP of Engineering, Groupon
June 23, 2015, James worked with David at Groupon
"David joined BitTorrent (not long before me) at a time when putting a new, super-professional face on our brand, external communications and product user experience was especially critical. It wasn't just a matter of a superficial gloss, but a need to organically rethink the brand identity for the company, multiple iconic products and Web sites.

Navigating the interplay between brand and user experience is tricky, especially with a large, passionate user base of 150 million people! By collaborating with his marketing and product counterparts, David's leadership resulted in in a broad identity overhaul, two gorgeous Web sites that stayed true to our vision of light-and-fast, onboarding videos, modern products and so much more.

David's strategic creativity, incredible attention to design detail and craft, and ability to roll up his sleeves and implement his vision was invaluable in a company that at the time only had 25 employees or so. His efforts compounded the success of my own efforts in telling a new story and re-introducing the media to our company, and for that I will always be grateful for his contributions."
Allison Wagda
VP of Strategy & Marketing, Versal
May 10, 2012, Allison worked indirectly for David at BitTorrent
"David was responsible for a wide range of products at Harris Direct from web site redesigns and banking products all the way through to the complete brand identity and corporate definition of Harris Direct's new corporate entity, iNautix. David is not only immensely creative but an amazingly protean designer -- he can create multiple completely unique design treatments that still manage to meet initial product requirements. This is very helpful when you're trying to come up with the new look and feel for a brand or product identity. David's versatility is matched by his passion and desire to understand and incorporate "the big picture" in his work. His initial designs are generally delightfully relevant and require little rework when requirements don't change. Also important, David has a consistent work ethic and craftsmanship that meets the highest standards. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."
Dalia Hierro
VP Product, comiXology, Amazon
May 20, 2016, Dalia worked with David at iNautix Technologies Inc. (DLJdirect.com) Pershing.
"David has a powerful vision for design in the enterprise, a deep passion for design leadership, and an infectious ability to rally people to a cause. He brings a wealth of design leadership experience and a track record of success building UX teams and coaching them to do their best work. While at Groupon, David led several business units through a transformation in thinking towards a focus on the customer. In particular, his emphasis in walking the company through the "customer journey" to show everyone what fans go through as they discover, buy, and go to events was truly enlightening. David is the smartest and most passionate design leader I have had the opportunity to work with. Like Stephen Curry was unanimously voted the NBA MVP for 2016, David is without a doubt the “All time MVP” in the Design space for his relentless work, passion, experience and excellence in design. If you need to build a strong, innovative design or UX practice in your company, David is the one you want to have in your organization. It would be a great honor to work with David again."
Amadou Kone
VP of Customer Operations, Groupon
May 20, 2016, Amadou worked directly with David at Groupon
"It was such a pleasure working with David over the past three years at Breadcrumb and Groupon. He continually pushed us to think outside of the box, and had a passion and enthusiasm unlike anyone else that energized all of the teams and projects that I worked with him on. He was always a wonderful partner and a kind and caring colleague who will be very much missed."
Sarah Kitson
Head of Merchant & Product Marketing, Groupon
Apr 19, 2016, Sarah worked with David at Groupon
"David is a man of the times. He is intelligent and witty with a must-do attitude along with the knowledge and skills to back it up. He is able to think 2-3 thoughts ahead of the rest. He is a consummate professional with a friendly demeanor and an ethical approach to his work and life. It was great to see how he managed his team with respect and open communication. I would heartily recommend him to my friends and clients."
Mike Savage
CEO & Owner, Mymacdude.com LLC
January 7, 2010, Mike worked directly with David at Nike Inc.
"David is one of the most creative, most insightful, most innovative design leaders that I've had the privilege of working beside.

He is a relentless brand champion, helping to recreate the Groupon Merchant experience from the ground up. Through his passion and personal commitment, we now have a foundation that's clean, differentiated, and extensible for the future. You can see all the great work he did in this Medium post.

On a personal note, David is an amazing photographer, observer of the human condition, and wonderful person.

I look forward to the time when our paths cross again."

Andrew Sandler
Director of Design, Groupon Merchant
April 8, 2016, Andrew worked directly with David at Groupon
"David is a true visionary and creative mind, and he provided the instrumental leadership in taking the Groupon merchant brand and user experience to the next level. His passion for innovation and persistence for excellence was second to none. His colorful fashion and equally playful personality definitely enriched the team's culture! I enjoyed working with David for the last a few years, and look forward to our paths crossing again near in the future."
Helena Seo
Head of Design, DoorDash
April 21, 2016, Helena worked with David at Groupon
"David is one of the most creative people I've ever worked with. He pays attention to every detail and thinks outside of the box. His work on the hardware design and branding of the Groupon point of sale system was incredibly inspiring. It was hands down one of the coolest projects at the company. David is a great communicator and story teller. I really enjoyed working with him and I hope some day I get the opportunity to do it again."
Marius Ciocirlan
Co-Founder & Product, ShareGrid
May 21, 2016, Marius worked directly with David at Groupon
"David’s creative energy is truly inspiring. He has a great talent to build delightful customer experiences through developing innovative brand and design solutions. I enjoyed our years of partnership on many projects and hope to work with David again in the future."
Julian Mändler
Director of Visual, Brand & Marketing Design, Groupon
April 20, 2016, Julian worked directly with David at Groupon
"David is a rare creative talent - always on top of the latest trends, David is able to see & articulate how these trends can be adapted to your context in creative & fundamentally transformative ways. David constantly pushes teams to ask how they can be innovative, and what they can do to not just adapt best practices, but be at the bleeding edge of defining those practices. His eye for creative direction, and passion for design are immediately evident and infectious. Perhaps less obvious (before you have the pleasure of working with him), David has the stamina to push relentlessly for the best solutions and challenge organizations to reach for something greater. If your looking for a design leader that can help you with your next transformative mission, look no further."
Matthew Hanson
Director Of Product Design, Groupon
May 21, 2016, Matthew was senior to you but didn't manage directly
"David is singular, arriving at Nike in a comet of visionary excitement and manic, feverish workaholism. He's all vision & crazy talent. David, ever caffeinated, brought delight and purpose to a young and unseasoned department, with strong, brilliant opinions borne of an almost unparalleled gift of intuition and of his considerable hard-earned experience. I love David!"
Necia Dallas
Creative Director, Overland Agency
July 31, 2006, Necia worked indirectly for David at Nike Inc.
"David emits a creative buzz that gets teams excited and thinking beyond their normal comfort zone. I had the chance to work with him on several projects, and I always admired how enthusiastic he was, how he prodded and encouraged unconventional approaches, and made it all pretty darn fun! I recommend him highly."
David Fite
Senior Manager, Visual Design, Groupon
May 23, 2016, Dahveed were senior to David but didn't manage directly
"David is a fun AND effective brand creative. He’s hands down one of my favorite creatives to work with because he’s open, thoughtful, and collaborative. As a leader he makes a point to elevate great ideas, with attribution, and thereby support the growth of his team. He turns ideas into systems that are actionable and extend the power of the brand for everyone who touches it. Did I mention he’s fun? Video calls with David brightened by day, literally, and I’d be happy to do it again and again."
Randall Makiej
Brand & Content, Clover Network, Inc.November 3, 2022, Randall worked with David but on different November 3, 2022, Randall worked with David but on different teams 
"David was my manager at Clover for almost 3 years. I quickly came to realize he is a design leader who brings a wealth of experience, an understanding on how and when to push creative boundaries, and has the personal skills that allow for teams to grow and foster fantastic working relationships. As a manger, I can honestly say he's been at the top of my list. He is an extremely well-rounded designer that any company big or small would benefit from immensely."​​​​​​​
Anthony Cangelosi
Lead Product Designer, Clover Network, Inc. 
October 28, 2022, Anthony reported directly to David
"It's a pleasure to work with David. He is always a game creative partner, who brings solutions to the table after careful thought, communicates feedback well, and deftly pulls off new projects and collaboration with strapped resources and budget. I've learned much about brand experience in packaging, hardware, software, and marketing through David's leadership at Clover. I would jump at the chance to work with him again!"
Kimberly Demkovich
Product Marketing, Clover Network, Inc.
October 28, 2022, Kimberly worked with David on the same team
"David is a great design partner in our organization. Always willing to lend his sage advice and aesthetic abilities.

Furthermore, he built a team that was top notch. That team garnered tremendous respect across functions and was always a pleasure to collaborate with on projects big and small.

His design acumen really highlighted his ability to meld a brand ethos into design principles.

He also has a heart of gold and believes in everyone’s potential. Very highly recommended!"
Chris Stone
Director, Growth - Demand Generation, Clover Network, Inc.
October 26, 2022, David was senior to Chris Stone but didn't manage CM directly
"David is a fantastic manager and person. He created a tight-knit, easy-going team that was a joy to work within. David helped me see my strengths and weaknesses, and I grew so much as a designer under his leadership."
Nicole Portantiere
Communications Designer, Clover Network, Inc.
March 31, 2022, Nicole reported directly to David
"David is exactly what I expect out of creative leadership. He provoked, instigated, inspired, and embodied the high visionary quality he mandated of his team. After working together, I have deep respect for his openness and collaborative spirit. His craft is pure precision. And he has the most unique ability to bring focus to the wildest creative landscape, and still keep it wild and creative."
Michael Forsythe
Sr. Product Designer, Groupon
May 13, 2016, Michael worked with David at Groupon
" 'Dahveed' was my creative director at Groupon for almost 2 years. I can't recommend him enough...he's intensly passionate about design, has a keen eye for the details, understands branding like nobody else, and his feedback was usually spot on. Not to mention he's a great human being and just fun to be around. I'd work for Dahveed again in a heart-beat."
Mat Van Orden
Product Designer, Groupon
April 7, 2016, Mat reported to David at Groupon
"David has incredible passion, motivation and a mind full of creative ideas that work effectively and are also a game changer in today's competitive design industry. David always understands the needs of users and comes up with innovative ideas to solve challenging problems. Every day would be inspirational when David was in the office. His fun personality, creative drive and leadership made him a vital person in the office. I have learned a lot from him and he has definitely upgraded my design skills and thinking. David always paid close attention to every tiny detail so the end result would be perfect. I consider myself very lucky to have met and worked with David and I highly recommend him!"
Raza Durrani
Visual UI & Interaction Designer, Groupon
April 6, 2016, Raza reported to David at Groupon
"I had the great pleasure of working with David at Groupon. His design process heavily emphasizes research and ideation. Our research looked at competition, industry trends, and our customers. He taught me to dive deep into our customers' experiences to find inspiration for our ideas. During the ideation phase, he encouraged our team to think without limitations. Our ideas could be as big and outrageous as we wanted them to be. We would then scale down these ideas to make them cost effective, realistic, and logistically possible.

Not only is David a thought leader, but he is a good manager. He is passionate about his employees' growth and happiness. He makes sure to include his whole team in projects and finds teaching moments during any hardship. He is able to navigate politics within large organizations and gives credit where credit is due.

David would be a great addition to any creative team looking for a leader who knows how to inspire creatives."
Brittany Campbell
Jr. Art Director, United Airlines
May 13, 2016, Brittany worked directly with David at Groupon
"David is passionate about brand. He loves to bring the essence of a brand alive in visual and emotional language.that unlocks a connection between users and the service they are using. He sidesteps the conventional and strives to bring a fresh perspective to the task at hand. He is astutely aware of the industry and how other brands are trying to do the same so as to leverage critical trends without falling subject to derivatives. And he cares deeply about all of this; he is a true advocate of your product's brand experience inside and outside your company."
Cody Simms
Executive Director, Techstars
January 28, 2013, Cody managed David at StumbleUpon
"David is amazing person who know how to appreciate the hard work and motivate people around him to reach new heights. He is a great storyteller with innovative vision. His body of work is beyond just design technicalities and it reach out to you on personal level. His passion for story telling and brand experience was instrumental in taking Groupon merchant brand to the next level.

He wasn’t my direct manager but he always reached out to inspire and give my best to the brand.

David is a visionary who has strong sense of universal Design and branding business. I would like to wok with him again in near future."
Pradeep Mahadeshwar
Visual Designer & Computational Marketing, Groupon
May 15, 2016, Pradeep worked indirectly for David at Groupon
"David works and lives in full colour - and I mean this in every sense of the term; he displays a deep and wide knowledge of his field, and brings this to the fore in an engaging and empassioned style that is dynamic and 'can-do'. Working alongside him as we defined the StumbleUpon brand story and positioning was stimulating, challenging - in the best of ways - and highly professional and supportive.

Added to these innate collaborative and leadership qualities, I believe his character and colour adds flair to any team, and this is what will aid and empower anyone working alongside him.

I look forward to sharing minds and and beliefs in the future as we navigate forward."
Dave Holland
Head of Design, Geometry Global
January 23, 2013, Dave was with another company when working with David at StumbleUpon
"If you're reading this, you're precipitously close to making an extremely good decision: the hiring of David Gomez-Rosado as your Creative Director/ VP of Brand Experience.

David is a design-driven master craftsman of the creative arts with 20+ years of experience. His deep expertise is immediately evident in his nimble architecture, and his brand-building is engaging, unabashedly original, and serves as a powerful foundation for his uniquely differentiated narratives.

David builds brands and teams that impact people, delight audiences, and resonate with users. Do yourself, and your brand, a big favor--bring in the big guns--and hire Señor Rosado to helm your Creative & UX design teams.

I certainly would--and will--as soon as I close out my first angel round."
Adam Starr
Sr. Growth Copywriter, Uber
January 22, 2013, Adam reported to David at StumbleUpon
"I have the opportunity to work with David multiple times. David has the rare ability to lead, inspire, empower and mentor designers. He is really passionate and dedicated to build holistic brand experiences from ideation to implementation across brand development, web and native.

David creates culture for good design."
Jorge Gordon
Supply Growth, Uber
May 3, 2016, Jorge reported to David at StumbleUpon
"David was a pleasure to work with, not only because of his creative leadership in tackling new products or markets but also because he nimbly tackled complicated problems. I myself learned a lot from David, especially around piecing together hunches about users into a coherent, high-design product."
Travis Chow
Head of Innovation, Groupon
May 30, 2016, Travis worked directly with David at Groupon
"I started working with David in 2009, and since then I have worked on several projects under his direction, and it has always been a pleasure to deal with him, both professionally and personally. Everytime we've worked together I learned new things, and I got the feeling of a job well done.

he knows where and how to find the talent of the people with whom he works, he has a very direct way of working ("to the point"), and that makes the work experience more satisfying and effective.

David has a creative profile, but results oriented. He is a very dynamic person, who likes to learn and explore constantly, and most importantly, he knows how to convey that to people with whom he works.

In short, I believe David is a great option for managing creative teams, and I'm sure he can be a valuable addition to any company that requires a creative enhancement in image and strategy."
Fadrique Gonzalez
Creative Director, Croke Estudio
February 19, 2013, Fadrique worked for David at StumbleUpon
"David is an extremely creative and visionary design leader. At BitTorrent he helped in a very broad array of roles, from brand to website to campaigns to visual and UX / usability design for products. He arrived at a small start-up and established design as a serious discipline for the first time, hiring a team and organizing external design contractors. He implemented structure and process for the design function and elevated its importance to the executive level. He was both an effective leader and practitioner, equally ready to coordinate work of others as to roll up his sleeves and get the work done himself."
Simon Morris
GM BitTorrent Media, BitTorrent
May 14, 2012, Simon worked with David at BitTorrent
"I've had the opportunity to work with David on numerous occasions at both Lithium Technologies and Bittorrent over the past four years. David is an extremely talented creative leader, effectively guiding and advancing the digital projects we worked on together. What's more he brings a wealth of strategic and creative insight to his work that resulted in an ideal client /agency collaboration and great results. I'm very proud of the work we've done together and highly recommend David Gómez-Rosado."
Brian West
Partner, Active Ingredients
August 21, 2012, Brian was a consultant or contractor to David at BitTorrent
"David was a forceful change agent for BitTorrent, pushing us view our products and brand in new ways. He was a key driver of virtually all of our new product initiatives as the hands-on creative lead. He was also able to significantly elevate design within the company and ultimately build a strong team, strategic to all our efforts. A skillful and articulate communicator, David is a natural design leader and was a great partner to product development."
Brett Nishi
Sr. Director Product Management, BitTorrent
May 17, 2012, Brett worked with David at BitTorrent
"David is an exceptional creative. His positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious. As a leader, he has the unique ability to both encourage creativity and bolster confidence in his peers and colleagues. Working at StumbleUpon I felt right away that I could try new and exciting creative and that he was a champion for such work. More so, he is able to define a brand's story and help sell new ideas unlike anyone I’ve met. He understands how to bridge the gap between creative and marketing strategy in a way that is inclusive and balanced—which leads to high visibility and market growth."
Andy Rado
Graphic Designer, Athleta
May 20, 2016, Andy reported to David at StumbleUpon
"I am very fortunate to have worked for David. He guided me on many levels and we continue to share a passion for design--the lens from which he and I view most things. In the process, David built a solid team, provided coaching, leadership, and direction on a wide range of topics such as UX architecture, UI implementation, and brand design. David combines the mastery of execution with a breadth of scope and vision."
Nick Cottrell
Product Design Lead, Wikia
May 9, 2012, nick reported to David at BitTorrent
"David was in charge of the UI/UX team at BitTorrent during the time I worked there. His work is the highest quality and I recommend him as a colleague and a friend. David was particularly skilled at design, and creating software with feeling and motivation that worked."
Jonathan Dugan
Director of PLOS Labs, Public Library of Science
August 20, 2011, Jonathan worked with David at BitTorrent
"I really enjoyed working with David to unify icon art across platforms. I was a PC in a Mac shop but even so David and I were able to cross that cultural divide and work very smoothly together. He always had time for me, and even though he is passionate about his work he doesn't get over-excited. He just quietly gets it done. That's the best kind of competent."
Melinda Green
Platform Manager, BitTorrent
September 7, 2012, Melinda worked with David at BitTorrent
"David is an extremely talented and thoughtful user experience designer. While working with him at BitTorrent, I was impressed by his ability to push the boundaries and create a more unified brand. Moreover, his ability to articulate the rules of design was an invaluable part of educating the company and moving them toward change. David is a dynamic individual who brings passion to the job, and is a great resource to any company who is lucky enough to have him."
Jenna Broughton
Director of Customer Success, Union Metrics
January 29, 2011, Jenna worked directly with David at BitTorrent
"David is not just a leader and true visionary in user experience design, but an excellent teacher and partner as well. As a colleague and internal client at Lithium Technologies, I saw David transform the brand of that company through both a willingness to push the boundaries of design, while still balancing the needs of the business and the users to accomplish their goals. To do this, he built an amazing team of designers, forged strong relationships with key business and customer stakeholders, and through it all maintained a willingness to listen and understand the true needs of his clients that resulted in not just amazing and impactful designs, but designs that worked. Enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated and appreciative of others, David is a game-changer for any organization looking to take their users' experience to the next level."
Scott Dodds
Manager Client Support, Zenefits
January 7, 2010, Scott worked with David at Lithium Technologies
"I have trusted David with his insights and skills and I recommend you do as well. He definitely can help businesses and enterprises of any size craft a unique brand narrative and engage customer interaction, that will make them differentiate and become memorable within any given industry...You won't regret it!"
Silvia Poloto
President, Poloto Art
April 22, 2016, Silvia was David's client
"As an entrepreneur, I was extremely impressed with how David's Brand Experience guidance took my business to the next level. Through communication and product design, he helped implement effective strategies to upgrade the value perception of my work and increase the effectiveness of my message to reach my desired and new audiences. His personal and approachable manner allowed the entire process to run smoothly, timely and with a flare of inspiration. I highly recommend working with David and his Brand Experience consulting."
Anne Marie Sebastiani
Founder, Educational Leadership Speaker & Coach, imagination.AM
August 21, 2012, Anne Marie was David's client
"David is a truly exceptional talent in the area of user design and experience. Specifically, at Lithium David was able to create for my team ground breaking analytic reports that were able to summarize in a highly intuitive and graphical way, extremely complex underlying data and relationships. David also developed customer facing training and support products that differentiated us from our competition. Occasionally you get to work with someone who's skills are so natural and frankly awe inspiring - David is that person."
Iain Grant
Partner, Riviera Partners
February 18, 2010, Iain worked with David at Lithium Technologies
"David has an amazing eye for spectacular design - high fidelity imagery and composition that not only is easy to consume but makes informational sense.

He was a breath of fresh air to work with, an infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour which help make projects enjoyable to work through. If you are looking for design that pushes the boundries, engages people, is legible and makes people say 'wow', all in one package, then I can't think of another person to recommend.

I would certainly work with David again should the opportunity arise."
Paul Gilliham
Director, Community Enablement & Experience, Adobe
March 1, 2010, Paul worked with David at Lithium Technologies
"David is a brilliant web/graphic designer. One of the best I've ever seen. Let me give you a little context; perhaps you would come to the same conclusion yourself.

As the principal scientist at Lithium, I conduct researches and produces analytics reports that have copious amount of complex data with many deep insights from very elaborate analyses. David and I work on the final visualization of these reports.

David’s design accentuates the important points of the report, but at the same time guides the inquisitive readers through the more involved part of the report. He is able to take the abstract insight from the numbers that I’ve crunched out and visualized it in a captivatingly interesting way that is easy to digest and understand by scientist and business executives alike. I am so glad to have David as a design resource on this project; otherwise my reports would be totally impenetrable to the common.

Aside from being able to deliver visually stunning results in a timely fashion, David is also a very passionate artist who loves what he does and cares much for his team members. I often see him take his team to lunch and discuss the latest and greatest in the design world.

Furthermore, David often willingly puts in the extra hours to give his designs the final touches that turn them from being great to just breathtaking. I know this for a fact, because he and I are among the few devotees at Lithium who would stay late, often past 10pm, to polish our final product. And once he got so entranced in work that he forgot time, missed his last bus, and had to ask me to give him a ride to the BART station. His passion for design and commitment to always give his best is rarely seen nowadays.

So, if you are looking for a world class designer, I wouldn't think twice about David. I'd recommend him sincerely and whole heartedly without any reservation."
Michael Wu PhD
Chief Scientist, Lithium
February 10, 2010, Michael worked with David at Lithium Technologies
"It is a pleasure to recommend David. I would work with him anytime given the opportunity. I would hire him if he was interested in working where I work.

His design fundamentals are top notch and his ability to convey these principals to a team unfamiliar with the minutia of these concepts is unparalleled. David draws upon both formal training and deep experience to immediately add value to the company he works. He raised the quality of output for Lithium as a whole; the quantity of work this man produces is incredible. He truly loves what he does and it shows.

I had the please of working with David on two strategically important projects. The first was the foundation of a new analytics department and the first product output from that group. David designed the framework for presenting data to customers in a manner that maximizes the information conveyed while minimizing clutter and confusion. He branded the product, unified the key concepts like terms, definitions, presentation consistency and finally streamlined a process to take raw data into a finished output.

The second project was the development of a new service offering from our consulting group. David aggregated the reporting and presentation output from a typical consulting engagement into a 16 page report. From cover-to-cover the report drew together disparate themes into a central conclusion. David's ability to guide a conversation and elicit what is important to a customer was central to the success of this project.

Finally, I saw David's work incorporated into every aspect of Lithium's output. From a redesign of presentation materials and marketing collateral to changes in the Lithium branding and product itself in the form of public online communities. Design conscious customers with very specific requirements such as Jawbone, Palm, LeapFrog and others all benefited from David's skills."
Neil Beam
Director of Mobility Digital Customer Experience Execution, AT&T
December 17, 2009, Neil worked with David at Lithium Technologies
"From day one, David has impressed and inspired our team with his leadership, appetite for anything design related, and ability to detect a misaligned pixel from yards away. Not only does he lead by example, he does so while being accessible, and creating an overall atmosphere of mutual effort and respect.

Whereas most at David's standing would merely prescribe, he is one to offer explanation and reasoning for his decisions, and share fluently the learning of his abundant experience. His instinct on what makes good design is always backed by a logical and consistent philosophy. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with David."
Chudo Loo
Product/UX Designer, Engagio
February 9, 2010, Chudo reported to David at Lithium Technologies
"David’s level of creativity, knowledge, and passion for visual and UX design is unmatched. With this level knowledge, he has the ability to create clean, cutting edge design that hits all objectives and creates a natural and enjoyable experience for the user. I have had the pleasure to work under David and it has been such a rewarding experience. He is always approachable, whether it’s for feedback, help, or just to brainstorm ideas. He’s driven our team to meet our goals under very tight deadlines with a very high level of refinement all while having a great time. He is an extremely valuable asset to have behind you through any situation and it’s a privilege to learn from such a smart and creative individual."
Jared Cunningham
Sr. Visual Designer, Lithium
February 8, 2010, Jared reported to David at Lithium Technologies
"David is a one-of-a-kind individual. In addition to his astute creative abilities, David's understanding of usability and users is unparalleled. His knack for researching and dissecting products is amazing...as he's become my first source for iPhone app information. As far as a manager, David listens and makes himself available for feedback and review of my work. David is an asset to any company and eats, sleeps, and breathes all things design."
Kenneth Jamora
Software Engineer, Veeva Systems
February 7, 2010, Kenneth reported to David at Lithium Technologies
"David (Daveed) is one of the most passionate and forward-thinking people I've ever had the privilege to work with. He is an exceptional manager with the rare ability to bring out the best in those that work for him through his creative energy and vision fused with an acute sense of detail and style."
Erik Collier
General Manager US Properties, IAC Publishing Labs
September 6, 2008, Erik worked directly with David at Ask.com
"Having worked with David while at Ask.com, I can honestly tell you that it's difficult to identify another person that is more adept at delivering consistent, business solutions via creative means. His mentorship was key in my overall development and that in turn translated to the management to the rest of the team. His skill set, experience and demeanor make him a great addition to any team. I'd recommend him for any position he's pursuing."
Raul Diaz
Principal, UX Strategy & Product Design, Smart UX
Apr 20, 2016, David managed Raul directly at Ask.com
"I had the opportunity of working with David, back in 2002 in IconMedialab both in Madrid and Portugal. It was such a great experience that since then we have maintain our close relationship in all his steps in USA.
David is one of this unique professionals who has the capacity to combine the most radical and disruptive creative & cross boundaries process with outstanding professional & excellent execution.
Even more David, has an open mind, heart and will attitude combine with a solid & authentic character and leadership allowing him to engage, empower and lead creative multidisciplinary teams to excellence.
I highly recommend him for any challenge who requires an outstanding creative & innovation leader & I will love to keep close and find opportunities to develop projects together."
Jose Mari Luzarraga
Social Teampreneur, Mondragon Team Academy
May 20, 2016, Jose Mari worked directly with David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David is a very strong design mind and manager. While we worked together in the Product/UX group at Ask I saw consistently high quality work coming from David and the team he built. David's team was integral to every high profile project and also contributed expertise to R&D work. The company is a lot better for having him - as is anyone fortunate enough to hire him."
Michael Leo
Sr. Director of Product Management, Glassdoor
January 19, 2012, Michael worked indirectly for David at Ask.com
"David is a professional who has high skills.
In his work as a experience designer is remarkable their creative abilities and technical management of tools and concepts of desing.
In her work as leader of projects demonstrates high management planning tools, initiative, ability to anticipate and very good interpersonal relationships.
David is an excellent candidates for leadership positions."
Marcelo Garrido
Director, Amable
September 9, 2008, Marcelo was with another company when working with David at Ask.com
"I’ve found few people I enjoy working with more than I did Dahveed when he was VP of UX at Ask.com. He’s a guy who knows how to build teams, how to get them excited about design, and how to bring every bit of his experience (15 yrs? 20?) from places like Nike & Microsoft into play.

Maybe most important---and I say this as someone who’s been both a leader and follower—I don’t know if I’ve met a person in his position who’s as willing to roll up his sleeves and pitch in. That takes a familiarity, dedication, and straight-up team spirit that I’ve found in few leaders.

Some people say you need a lot of ego to head up departments or entire companies. David is an proof that you don’t—because he does it with smarts, chops, a wealth of experience, and just enough empathy to inspire his teams to give their all."
Ken Grobe
Lead Copywriter, MuleSoft
February 10, 2010, Ken worked with David at Ask.com
"David is unequivocally one of the most admirable and inspiring people I've worked with. His leadership manifests itself in many ways: keeping business and customer goals solidly balanced, nurturing and directing multiple skill sets and temperaments, and delivering detailed and innovative design. There's no business I can think of that would not benefit from his contribution."
Michael Ferguson
UX Principal WaPo Labs, The Washington Post Company
September 11, 2008, Michael reported to David at Ask.com
"Dahveed could have been, to date, my greatest manager ever. On the skill set side, he definitely has the background and experience to lead and build a great design team. On the personality side, he has exactly what it takes to keep his underlings fearful and respectful, yet WANT to pump out excellent work. For myself, it takes exactly the right mix of respect, skill, mentoring to keep me looking up to a manager. And Dahveed had it. On top of being a leader and a great mentor, he also returned respect for the people who worked FOR him. No other manager I know or ever heard of, set an alarm clock to 5:30pm and made his team leave exactly at that time. He has a great balance of work and life that he impresses upon his team. His consideration for others can be spoken out of that alarm clock alone.

I learned a lot from Dahveed in the time we had together. He knew how to push me just the right amount to get me working at my optimal pace. He inspired me well enough to push my own SELF to learn and design better. He had an eye for pixel perfect design and would congratulate you fully if you’ve attained it. In summary, I would not pass up an opportunity to work for Dahveed again. He made me a better designer in the time I worked for him, and I know he could make me even better if I had even more time with him as my manager/director."
Jonathan Fong
Principal UX Designer, Autodesk
May 19, 2010, Jonathan reported to David at Ask.com
"David was very driven and dedicated to building a team at Ask. He brought fresh design insight and ideas to the team, and was a pleasure to be around and gain inspiration from."
Jennifer Fleming
Sr. Director of UX, Ebates
September 10, 2008, Jennifer reported to David at Ask.com
"David is a great balance of design architecture, creativity, technology and problem solving. David inherently understands business problems product managers need to solve while keeping the user experience in mind. He produces solutions that are attainable depending on resource or time constraints. I recommend working with David, especially if you have challenging product needs where you need to keep the larger product goals in mind in order to avoid short-term fixes that will just result in more work later in time."
Penelope Yao
Director of Product Management, Ticketfly
July 14, 2012, Penelope worked with David at Ask.com
"David 'Dahveed' Gomez- Rosado is an inspirational leader to anyone entrenched in the User Experience world and perhaps the most motivating team leader a group of creative professionals could have. An eye for creativity, exceptional attention to detail, and appreciation for careful craftsmanship serve to support and underscore the efforts of his team. It's a preternatural quality in the Bay Area, really.

David's leadership is based on principles of "best practices" which will not only shape the thinking of a design team, but an entire organization.
He is ideally suited to the role of being the backbone of a team and managing people passionate about shaping cohesive product-oriented UI design as well as creative/art direction mixed brimming with signature style. I have never witnessed a bigger proponent for solid and sound UX design. Humble, smart, and a visionary. It has been an immense pleasure to work with such a rockstar professional."
Diana Furka
UX Director, Ask.com
September 4, 2008, Diana reported to David at Ask.com
"Dahveed's attention to detail, enthusiasm for excellence and cool mentoring vibe makes him the one of the best boss I've had the chance to work with in my career. Dahveed also has a positive and contagious work ethics, all in the best possible meaning of the word.

I feed off Dahveed's creative energy and I can confidently say that he is a great role model for creative people such a myself."
Otty Soemitro
UX Director, Ask.fm
September 3, 2008, Otty worked indirectly for David at Ask.com
"David has the foresight and vision that sets him apart from other senior design executives. His passion is infectious, his vision is inspiring and his hands-on design work is of the highest caliber - a rare combination. In my experience, people want to work with and for David, he creates a working environment and team ethic that is fun, purposeful, challenging and a delight which is reflected in his design work."
Rodney Edwards
Principal Design Manager, Apps & Services, Microsoft
September 4, 2008, Rodney worked directly with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David is an inspirational leader and an innovative designer. He has incredible energy and drive and the self-confidence to take on large cross-team problems. Much of his success comes from his ability to work well with and inspire the respect of artists, executives, and engineers. I enthusiastically recommend him."
Jim Horne
Development Manager, Microsoft & Blogger, The New York Times
September 8, 2008, Jim worked with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David has been an excellent colleague and mentor at Microsoft and Ask.com. At both companies, we worked together on several projects, from component-based shared controls to internal tools for managing images. David is friendly and responsible and I welcome the opportunity to work with him again!"
George Vanous
CEO & Founder, Freedom! and MGN
September 9, 2008, George worked with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David was great to work with on a project that spanned several programs within the CDC. He worked hard to create and promote his work and the work of others within and outside of his organization. He has an great eye for detail and incredible enthusiasm for his work. It would be a pleasure to work with him again."
Deuce Cruse
Director of UX, Athena Health
September 9, 2006, Deuce was a consultant or contractor to David at Microsoft Corporation
"I've known David for over 14 years- and got the chance to collaborate again most recently as business colleagues at Microsoft. I've found David highly competent and very thorough in his approach and process. He's a talented designer, open minded manager, and will hit the ground running in any size organization."
Dennis Luo
Director of Software Innovation, Intel Corporation
September 7, 2008, Dennis worked with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David has unending passion and energy. He is passionate about users and their experience. He has great ideas, works well with everyone, invites there ideas and works collaboratively. He is fun to work with and fun to be around. I would gladly work with him again."
Kim Wilton
UX Researcher, Microsoft
March 26, 2010, Kim worked directly with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David's passion for design is infectious. He inspires his teams and peers with his unrelenting drive for innovation, quality and his staggering knowledge of best practices in the field. It is no wonder he was approached to lead the creation of Microsoft's first Human Interface Guidelines document and one that is still referenced to this day by designers across the company. He has a rare ability to balance both his attention to detail and a bird's eye view of the entire product for maximum consistency. Above all, he is a great collaborator and welcomes the ideas of others - which is why everyone I know loves to work with him."
Amir Bahadori
Design Director, Westfield Labs
March 9, 2010, Amir worked directly with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David can be summed up in one word: PASSION. The guy has tons of it. He knows what he likes, he's articulate about what makes it good and inspires people around him to get excited about it, too. He is a designer of exceptional taste and talent."
Gregory A. Perez
Design Director, IDEO
February 16, 2010, Gregory A. worked directly with David at Microsoft Corporation
"I first came to know David when interviewing him for the position of Director of User Experience for Ask.com. In short order, it was apparent that he was the ideal candidate. From his resume, his pedigree – with senior design roles at the likes of Nike and Microsoft and a leadership role at IconMedialab – and the scope of his experience, both geographically and product type-wise, were hard to match. During the interview process, at which time I was assessing him against other potential candidates, he shined. His commercial successes to that point spoke to his creativity and visual talent, business savvy, use of user-centered process to innovate, brand understanding, ability to work at a gulpingly fast pace, cross-functional influencing skills, and team leadership abilities. I had come to know him better on a personal level while he was progressing at Ask.com, where he was quickly elevated to VP. He is passionate and ambitious and at the same time sensitive to the needs and desires of others. David is a great find, and I recommend him highly."
Jessica Sciorra
Director Talent Acquisition, VSA Partners
March 31, 2009, Jessica was with another company when working with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David is an individual of unique talent & vision. I've seen him inspire and educate other to find & promote User Experience solutions in five countries. For David, it is not simply a vocation but, a passion. In a business where is it easy to take path of least resistance, David puts himself in the place of the end-user and finds creative solutions that are well-reasoned, intuitive and cutting-edge. He is always willing to walk though scenarios, or listen to other ideas. With him you don’t just get someone who will make pretty pictures or find you UX solutions. You get a person who will explain to you why a particular solution was chosen, why others were not, and look at the long-term UX business solutions.

In a business (software) where too many people look out for number one, David has always shown integrity and honesty. It was a pleasure to work with him."
Gary Goodrich
UX Designer 2, Microsoft
September 23, 2008, Gary worked directly with David at Microsoft Corporation
"Dahveed is an excellent manager and leader.

I worked for him (and with him) directly while he advocated and championed great design for Microsoft's Windows Live team--designs that had tremendous impact across the entire product. He coordinated and managed the creation and evolution of the Microsoft Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and the strong personalization story for customers with work he did for allowing theming of the entire interface.

As a manager, Dahveed is exceptional at leveraging the strengths and skills of all he works with. He also instills a sense of trust and confidence in those who report to him. And, the teams and relationships he builds are much stronger for it.

I enjoyed working with him and sincerely think you will, too."
Michaelvincent Santos
Sr. UX Designer, Microsoft
September 10, 2012, Michaelvincent reported to David at Microsoft Corporation
"David is a rare individual with whom I've been able to have meaningful discussions about the art and science of craftsmanship in the context of delivering world class software. While I was an engineer on the Windows Live team David provided critical user experience leadership and direction, both in-person and through a Human Interface Guidelines web and print publication, for the functionality, look and feel of a broad scope of Windows Live resources that our team worked to implement. I would feel fortunate and grateful to have that kind of clarity on any future project and would value working with David again."
Rene Schuchter
Sr. Software Engineer, Microsoft
September 10, 2008, Rene worked directly with David at Microsoft Corporation
"David is an incredibly creative and talented designer who brings his best to every project he tackles. I had the benefit of working for David at Microsoft on the Windows Live initial development work. I found his leadership direct and focused and his attitude always positive. His ability to solve for large design problems and provide clear solutions was a key to our overall success. I would highly recommend David for any large scale design initiatives, he is truly a pleasure to work with!"
Hauke Gentzkow
Principal Designer, Microsoft
September 8, 2008, Hauke reported to David at Microsoft Corporation
"I worked with Dahveed about 2 years in Microsoft's Windows Live group. The team he led was responsible for laying out the UI frameworks and guidelines for all Windows Live products including Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces and Live search. Dahveed, with his close attention to details and inspirational designer personality, was the best design manager I knew so far, from whom I learned and got inspired a lot. Later he moved on to the Ask.com. And his design outcome of Ask.com UI made us proud that we once worked with him."
Hisun Kim
Director of UX, Strevus
September 5, 2008, Hisun reported to David at Microsoft Corporation
"I've worked with David for over a year on an almost weekly basis in our Leadership Training for Microsoft employees. He demonstrated exceptional interpersonal awareness, influence, communication, confidence and leadership and was voted by his 35 MSFT peers as the highest award for achievement. Because of his success, I asked him back as a peer mentor to coach and facilitate another team. He is well liked and respected and I highly recommend him for any position."
Nikki Hall Kloeppel
Consultant & Trainer, Dale Carnegie
February 9, 2007, Nikki Hall was with another company when working with David at Microsoft Corporation
"I had the pleasure to work with David in this exciting IPTV Set-Top Box project for the Spanish market. David brings a wealth of marketing, technical and usability experience in the field of information architecture. His professionalism and mastery of his trade combined with his unique level of creativity and lateral thinking make him very unique resource. I would recommend him without hesitation."
Miguel Rosado Boulet
Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, Adobe
February 17, 2010, Miguel worked directly with David at Lobe Multimedia S.L.
"I consider the period that I’ve worked for and with David to be the one were I fully understood and committed myself to Design. In all my years as a professional I never knew someone more passionate, dedicated and educated to the art and also to the business of Communication. David’s view of a project is always accompanied by a meticulous attention to detail and a contagious passion that makes you believe that there is no such thing as a “project that is not that important”.
As a colleague he opened my vision on Design and its ramifications and impressed me with is undeniable driven to learn. And as a boss, he taught me never to settle on the average while helping me believe in my own abilities far beyond my own beliefs.
It was definitely a turning point for me and David is with no doubt and extremely valuable asset for any company or project."
Paulo Alexandre Azevedo de Oliveira
Creative Director, WhiteStone Technology
September 9, 2008, Paulo Alexandre reported to David at Lobe Multimedia S.L.
"I had the opportunity to work with David for a pitch for Paramount Comedy Spain.

David is a bold, energetic and extremely professional person. His committing to his work is total and wholesome, and he is always in pursue of the best and most adequate proposal.

His experience gives him a high level of understanding of mostly any design problem while having a keen eye on detail and not leaving anything to chance. His approach is holistic and he deals with projects like they were his own.

Personally he has always been receptive and open to new ideas. He lets people do their best, and hires the best ones.

Working with David, both as a colleague and a client, is always an experience you want to repeat."
Victor Zambrano
Lead Interaction Designer Patch.com, AOL
September 11, 2008, Victor reported to David at Lobe Multimedia S.L.
"Desde el momento que contratamos los servicios de Lobe Multimedia la relación profesional fué simplemente perfecta. David captó desde el primer momento lo que nuestra empresa realmente necesitaba y lo implementó de una forma rápida y eficaz. También hizo sus aportaciones al proyectos con ideas propias que nos parecieron muy acertadas y a tener en cuenta dada su gran experiencia con las nuevas tecnologías en todos los campos que el domina. Recomendé a Lobe Multimedia a varias empresas para estas tareas y también quedaron muy satisfechas. Es un gran profesional que sabe escuchar al cliente y a la vez aportar mucho."
Jesús Villena
Owner, Arlit
January 29, 2008, Jesús was David's client
"During my time as a colleague of David's, and since that time as professional acquaintances, David has consistently impressed me with his skill, insight and intense drive to produce quality, innovative interface work. He is an excellent manager, a tireless thinker, and a fantastic bridge builder. He is adept at building consensus around compelling user experience solutions between disparate and multifaceted business groups in a company, and equally great at building creative, productive, and cohesive design teams. David is a guaranteed star on any team and I recommend him highly."
Miles Orkin
Chief of Staff, SIMux, Google
September 4, 2008, Miles worked directly with David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David's capabilities in the field of user experience and design are are out of question. It's his ability to take the best out of the professionals he manages what I appreciate the most.

David injected dynamism in our team, we gained confidence and did a better work under his guidance. He was capable of dealing with many issues at a time, paying plenty of attention to a disperse and diverse team of professionals.

As I grow and get more experienced I happen to value more and more what he did at IconMedialab back then. I hope we have future chances of working together."
Javier Cañada
Design Director & Founding Partner, Tramontana

September 5, 2008, Javier reported to David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David came to IconMedialab during turbulent times as Chief Interface Officer when I was Senior Art Director. His role was not enviable in the least as he had to revive a flagging team of 25 interface developers as well as lead and win projects. He did it... through capable leadership, a thorough insight and expertise in HCI, Art Direction and Web development matters, great client-facing skills and a sound internet consultant's acumen. Quite a feat!
But this doesn't tell the whole picture... what's missing are the small but important day-to-day details David did which made the team stronger. Things outside the scope of projects like getting us awards and putting us up for web design related conferences really made a difference. Whereas most people will just do "the job", David goes way further. In that sense, he's been an inspiration and a mentor. I was sad when he left because we lost a great asset. But more-so because, I now realise, with David I would have learnt a whole lot more and a whole lot sooner.
If we get another chance to work together, I'll celebrate it with David by opening one of my 1998 Vega Sicilia Únicos."
John Williamson
Founder & Creative Director, Agencia YOU
June 3, 2010, john reported to David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David was the chief interface officer when he hired me in 2002, he gave me one of my first opportunities as interface designer despite my inexperience. He was an enthusiastic boss, putting a lot of illusion in the projects, always trying to be beyond standards working close to his designers. His vision was ahead of most spanish companies of that time."
Eduardo Moratinos
Design Director, Designit
January 31, 2013, Eduardo reported to David at IconMedialab Inc.
"I have had the opportunity to know David Gómez-Rosado through Iconmedialab, and it has been, without a doubt, a great experience professionally.

I would define him as a well-balanced, well-rounded professional, capable of generating creative flow as well as capturing and directing it to achieve an incredible end result.

David is motivated and motivating, inspired and inspiring; very few times have I found a person in my professional life so capabale of covering all aspects of direction, be it organisational or structural, that a creative sphere involves.

In summary, when under the direction of David Gómez-Rosado, one feels that something really extraordinary can be developed."
Ernesto Alegre
Founder & CEO, Saga
September 10, 2008, Ernesto reported to David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David is a very creative and tallented designer and also a high inspirational boss. When we worked together, he was always opened to new ideas and willing to innovate with new and exciting solutions to our customers problems."
Joaquín Márquez Correa
Chief Innovation Officer, The Cocktail
September 8, 2008, Joaquín reported to David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David was a great asset for the company. His talent and skills are extraordinary. He has a great ability to understand your needs and the vision to present the perfect solution. He was able to transform the image of the company and give us that special 'something' we needed. His work was a true source of inspiration and motivation for everyone at the company."
José Rubi-Gonzalo
Co-Founder & CTO, WhiteStone Technology
August 9, 2006, José managed David at WhiteStone Technology Pte. Ltd.
"David entered the nike.com scene just as we were struggling to find our voice; nike.com was launched and we had some crazy features going on, but David brought creative vision, indeed a voice, to nike.com that was mature, well-crafted and years ahead of the 'net. David was also key in building and shaping the team that would lead nike.com out of it's schizophrenic ‘marketing/advertising/gaming’ zone into it’s unique full on e-commerce, global interactive presence. David - along with being a creative genius, is well versed in the technology and business aspects of the interactive space. Grab him if you can."
Kristin Boden
Director, Consumer Direct & Digital IT, Nike
January 12, 2010, Kristin worked directly with David at Nike Inc.
"I tackled numerous major projects with David at Nike and he was consistently adept at hitting tight deadlines without sacrificing creative integrity -- a seemingly impossible task at a large company such as Nike. David was also a great mentor, helping me to develop the skills needed to create multiple innovative campaigns. His attention to detail while never losing site of the big picture is truly amazing.

Most importantly, however, David has a great sense of humor, which helped to keep us all sane in the dark moments and laughing our heads off the rest of the time."
Lisa Morgan
Producer, Writer, Strategist, Nike
January 7, 2010, Lisa reported to David at Nike Inc.
"I worked with David at Apogee Networks (name changed to Evident Software) where he was the Creative Director. What always struck me about David was his passion for design and attention to detail. Apogee Networks was a startup which was evolving its products and messaging. David helped make that transformation possible with his knack for distilling the essential elements to create a simple and elegant user interface that was easy and intuitive. David worked tirelessly on several iterations of the corporate logo, web site design/layout and marketing collateral to present a professional corporate image to our prospects, customers and partners while also capturing the dynamism of a startup. In addition to his professionalism, David enhanced the work environment with his innate curiosity of learning, sense of humor and dancing skills."
Soumen Chowdhury
Channel Manager Global Sales, Red Hat
March 1, 2013, Soumen worked with David at Apogee Networks Inc.
"Dahveed is a smart and driven employee. His creative skills has transformed very many 'napkin drawings' to 'masterpieces'. He not only has the creative acumen but the technical understanding to blend technology with his creativity & deliver the right solution.

It was a delight working with Dahveed"
Bala Pitchaikani
PanDell NFV Strategy & Product Management; Serial Entrepreneur; Angel Investor
July 18, 2006, Bala managed David indirectly at Apogee Networks Inc.
"David is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic person I have ever worked with in my career. I have known him as not only a talented, accomplished designer, but also a natural leader. He has a talent and quality to translate creative drive into real problem solving solutions. David offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects. It is a real pleasure to work with David Gómez-Rosado."
Weilin Wu
Partner, UI/UX, Creative Design, EAD Group
October 15, 2006, Weilin worked directly with David at iNautix Technologies Inc. (DLJdirect.com) Pershing.
"David is a brilliant designer and an excellent mentor. He puts a great deal of effort into guiding his team members to do their best and giving them the greatest opportunities to create and implement their work. David excels at being able to communicate his vast knowledge of design and user experience with detail and an in-depth understanding to his clients in order to create excellent and exciting interfaces for software and the web. David is always up to date with the latest news in design, information architecture, usability, and technology. David is a joy to work with and brings a passion for his work and life to everything he does."
Jarred Tebo
UI Design Manager, Ask Partner Network
November 8, 2006, Jarred reported to David at iNautix Technologies Inc. (DLJdirect.com) Pershing.

"Technology changes, markets change, companies change. But what is maintained over time, is the ability to tell stories. David is a specialist creating the right storytelling where the product, brand and marketing become desires and needs for users. Getting users to identify themselves with the stories and then consume, are the key and constant in the work we have done together with David over more than a decade."
Federico Slivka Lederer
UX + UI Consultant & Practitioner + Professor
May 23, 2016, Federico reported to David at IconMedialab Inc.
"David is a top-notch designer who consistently delivered great projects at Ark Studios. Clients loved his creative solutions and comprehensive approach. In my view, David excels at resolving issues at multiple levels in his work.These range from business goals to brand expression and overall experience. David has a knack for bringing these critical elements together into an organic whole and regularly exceeded our client's expectations in the process."
David Clark
Co-Founder & Design Director, TandemSeven
October 13, 2006, David managed David at Ark Studios Inc.
"I have known David for the better part of fourteen years, and I can say his is truly a rare individual. It is rare to find a designer who is the "complete package" who can shift easily between management, business, and design -- David excels at all three (and more). I have seen him create several design teams from scratch who were not only productive, but happy and loyal. I have seen him build businesses from the ground up. Finally, and perhaps foremost, I have seen him delve into the most minute aspects of design out of both curiosity and a quest for perfection, and knock out amazing work. Amongst my colleges, the depth and breadth of David's skills are unmatched.

However, I'm sure after you meet David, the main word that will pop up will be "passionate." David truly cares for his work, and cares for his people. He has the drive and guts to tackle big, v.1 projects that often get mired in indecision and internal politics, and create something great. By any standard that is a rare talent."
Jason Ralls
Sr. Creative Manager, LEGO Group
September 6, 2008, Jason worked with David at Ark Studios Inc.
"David is a true global business strategy player. He also even understands different cultures …Asia, Africa, North America, Latin American and all Europe. He brings rare insight and input to the growth of a business. David is constant resource for other professionals including me. In addition to training his coworkers he trains many other professionals worldwide. He is one of the shining stars in the online channel strategy. He is excels in eBusiness, including strategy, marketing, creativity, user experience, sales and technology."
Phillip Madanire
Experience Design Director + Chief Digital Officer, Macromedia GmbH
December 7, 2009, Phillip studied with David at Rhode Island School of Design
"Gómez-Rosado not only has provided us with agreat quality of consultant work, but has also become ‘one of us’ during the process: Working and contributing as if the best interest for our company were genuinely the best for him as well. We recommend his highly personalized services to whomever needs to improve its own corporate image."
Robert Greeley
Sr, Director, Siemens Corporation
"David is great to work with. He gets the big picture for the brand and product experience. And he can quickly sketch details, bringing a concept to life. He's vibrant and fun to collaborate with."
Andrew Peters
Executive Director, UX Design + Strategy at EPIC
May 23, 2016, Andrew was a consultant or contractor to David at Ask.com
"David has a remarkable sense of what has to be done for a project and is capable of producing high standard level of work to deliver it on time. He is intuitive and precise at the same time. His expertise has been valuable for us. A real pleasure working with him."
Emmanuel Biscay
Chief Country Officer, NetGem S.A.
April 18, 2006
"David (actually pronounced dah-veed!) was a tireless advocate for brand and design during our time together at Groupon. As a leader, he impressed me with his ability to relate with and coordinate a colorful cast of creatives. He was able strike that rare balance between hands-off managment and passionate attention to detail."
Kai Zau
Technical Consultant, Author
May 22, 2016, David managed Kai directly
"Estoy muy satisfecho con la identidad corporativa con la que Gómez-Rosado nos ha 'vestido'. Además de que pienso que nos ayuda a destacar en el mercado, he comprobado que el equipo de G´´omez-Rosado ha invertido tanta pasión en su desarrollo, como si fuesen parte de la familia Comunycarse."
Santiago Vañó Juliá
President, Comunycarse Consulting Network, S.L.
"La gente de Gómez-Rosado dio una presencia unificada a nuestra compañía durante sus inicios, proveyéndonos con una línea coherente de interfaz y marca para nuestros productos, nuestra imagen, nuestro marketing, y nuestra presencia Web. Todos estos servicios resultaron de gran utilidad a la hora de introducirnos en el mercado con una proyección de solidez, calidad y confianza.”
Josep García
CEO, Ylos Hispania S.L.
"Agradecemos el trabajo creativo que habéis hecho para Galicán, nuestra imagen ha subido en calidad y así ha sido percibido por nuestro público. La publicidad se ha mandado a distintos puntos de Europa y nos están felicitando por el diseño. Además estaremos en contacto con vosotros para futuros trabajos, como la casa rural Galicán que estamos construyendo y que inauguraremos próximamente."
Antonio Galindo de la Vara
President, Galicán
"La dirección de Gómez-Rosado nos ayudó tremendamente en cohesionar nuestra diversa oferta de productos y servicios bajo una sola identidad... Ayudó al mercado a reconocernos, y lo que es más importante, a reconocernos a nosotros mismos. Las directrices de su diseño de interfaz aplicado a todos nuestros productos software, siguen aún siendo de gran ayuda mucho tiempo después de su colaboración"
Pablo Tapia
Founder & President, Apogee Networks Inc.
"Gómez-Rosado ha resuelto todas nuestras necesidades de una manera eficiente, agradable y personalizada. Siempre han estado disponibles cuando los hemos necesitado y han resuelto con seguridad cualquier problema propuesto. Es un placer trabajar con ellos. No es ninguna sorpresa que los hayamos contratado en tres ocasiones consecutivas para renovar nuestra presencia en el Web."
José Picón Rodríguez
President, Picón & Asociados, Derecho e Informática S.L.
"Gómez-Rosado built for us a multilingual content management system with which we are extremely happy. Right from the start he quickly adapted his method of work to our own rhythm. We recommend his services to any company that wishes to show their products in the internet."
Beatriz Dominguez
General Director, Arlit
"The work that Gómez-Rosado has generated for our academic activity is of great quality, the necessary level for our rigorous selection of pedagogical material... That is why we count on his experience in an official manner on the courses we provide."
Ferran Giménez Prado
Director, UOC Graduado Multimedia
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