“Information wants to be free. Believe it”

Bruce Sterling

µTorrent ageing and inconsistent brand had issues with dilution and irrelevance. Here was our solution to freshen it up, including logo, website, marketing campaigns & multi-platform product user interface & interaction.
Web & Brand: AFTER
µTorrent's website overhaul was to mimic BitTorrent's own... To consolidate the message of "one company, two products" by sharing architecture, layout, iconography, and stylistically cues on a modular branding. Contrasting colors were used to set apart these otherwise siamese brands.
Web & Brand: BEFORE
... this is the brand and website I had to start with. The logo was diluted and presented in many different designs, the message was too focused on spec, too little on the content and what it did. The design was dated (Mac OS Aqua anyone?) and inconsistent.
UI is now cleaner, more consistent, with a branded, identifiable personality. Visual design is crafted, feels like a serious company is behind it! Content is attractive, inviting. Information instills trust (highlighting the publisher behind each channel, the freshness of the product). Offerings feel dynamic.
Product: BEFORE
On-boarding: AFTER
On-boarding only works for those already familiar with product. There was no promise nor value definition for new users. 1st experience is a big void of white.

Android mobile client for µTorrent Remote v1... featuring a user interface, brand and iconography consistent with Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, etc. Simplicity is king!

Version 2.0 of µTorrent Remote
... and the brand refresh proposed for 2012
µTorrent... Part of a new brand ecosystem
"I heart mu"
This logo was featured during a 2011 campaign to increase "likes" in our Facebook page. A simple morph of our product's logo made for a viral image with no explanation needed.
Localization of µTorrent Plus marketing for foreign markets after cultural research and "coolhunting" of trends on targeted demographics

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