“Home is where one starts from”

T. S. Eliot

Aspirational video for new interactions around the Xome app (animation has been accelerated for brevity)
Entirely built using Apple Keynote... so to allow easy editing from diverse stakeholder roles.

Xome 2.0: A content-rich marketplace that engages customers throughout the ownership lifecycle
The medium through which homeowners can communicate their vision for a property
The most intuitive, reliable, and transparent place to discover potential investments, find proven providers and manage your order from start to finish
Provide simple, intuitive needs discovery, vendor/buyer sourcing, and transaction management
Focus on Home Financing, Improvement, and Sales to cover the ownership lifecycle and capture meaningful signals on when owners are ready to move to the next big transactional event
Xome product will optimize all transactions for Simplicity, Speed, Transparency, and ROI

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