“Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs”

Anthony J. D'angelo

This Singapore-based startup needed a complete upgrade on their brand and product user-experience so to be perceived as a big player to their big customers such as IBM, Telstra, etc.
A complete revamp of their customer-facing communication, manuals, documentation and product user Interfaces.

A friendly tone was adopted to communicate the new brand among WhiteStone's diverse and multicultural employees, partners and clients in Asia & Oceania.
WhiteStone's entire portfolio of customer-facing materials (websites, manuals, documentation, brochure, ads, etc) was changed to reflect their new brand elements (logo, colors, voice & tone, tag lines, etc.)
The first version of their HTML-based client required ultra-simplicity and legibility to reduce the amount of training on customer support operators
WhiteStone came back to me in 2003 to upgrade yet again their flagship product, now renamed from CHISEL 1.5 to WSD 3.0. This time data-density and UI customization became a priority

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